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Billionaire African American demands compensation from the US for 200 years of slavery

Billionaire African American demands compensation from the US for 200 years of slavery

The riot in the United States, which began after the murder of an African-American, has stirred the country so much that there are more than a week of pogroms and demonstrations.

The situation with racism in “the most democratic country in the world” is so acute that a small spark was enough to ignite the flames of popular anger. The black population of the States has accumulated resentments for centuries. And it's not just that the country only talks about equality, but actually discriminates against African-Americans on racial grounds.

They also remember the years of slavery, when they were sold like cattle and forced to work for soup, and even beaten for any offense. Americans believe that they are entitled to compensation for the nightmare experienced by their ancestors.

The first African-American billionaire, Robert Johnson, who founded the company Black Entertainment Television, said that the US government is obliged to pay black Americans 14 trillion dollars in compensation for 200 years of shameful slavery. The blacks worked for the whites, and they made fortunes at their expense. At the same time, slaves were not considered people: they could sell and buy anyone, separate families, kill, or maim.

In his opinion, the payment of reparations by the US government will reduce racial inequality, reduce tension in society, and also promote business development among the black population. At the moment, African — Americans are the poorest people in the country, doing work for a pittance and barely making ends meet. Most of them have no future, and the present is a miserable existence with no prospects for change for the better.

African-Americans agreed with the 74-year-old billionaire's opinion. The US government has not responded to his proposal, even Donald Trump has not tweeted anything, as he likes.

It seems that the state government does not intend to part with the money. Apparently, there is a fear of creating a dangerous precedent, because after the blacks may rise up and native Americans-Indians. And you can't pay them at all, because the entire population of the States lives on their land.

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