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The fight against rioters in the US is now run by the military

The fight against rioters in the US is now run by the military

The first polls on the topic of riots in the United States have arrived. 58% of Americans support the introduction of the US military in megacities to suppress pogroms.

The White House has already put the entire D.C. police and guard under the control of the Pentagon and the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Mark Milley. General Milly inspects the police fortifications around the White House and talks to reporters. For many, it was stylistically reminiscent of the visits of American politicians to Baghdad after the Iraq campaign.

An indicative feature of the fact that the fight against the rebels is now run by the military — air activity. Military helicopters are constantly cruising over the protesters, performing threatening maneuvers-the kind that is usually used against insurgents in hot spots.

American presidents have used regular troops on American territory only 12 times. The last time this happened was during the suppression of riots in Los Angeles in 1992. However, then the rioters managed to destroy thousands of buildings: now across America, only a few dozen buildings were burned.

More recently, the power of the liberal state to resolutely refused any assistance from the Federal government. They say that we will manage on our own, and the intervention of Donald Trump will only make the situation worse. The first state to step over its pride and ask for support from the White House was Minnesota.

Now new York can join the list. Mayor Bill de Blasio has lost control of the situation in the center of his metropolis. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is threatening to remove de Blasio from the levers of control and take on the task of suppressing the riots-already by the national guard and the military police of the Pentagon.

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