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Over 1,500 troops sent to Washington due to protests

Over 1,500 troops sent to Washington due to protests

So far, the army does not help the police, but is on high alert and will act in case of mass riots.

About 1.6 thousand soldiers were sent to the federal district of Columbia in Washington in connection with protests due to police violence against black Americans. It is reported by Reuters on Wednesday, June 3.

The military is on high alert and will act in the event of a riot, but now the army is not taking any part in helping the police, said Assistant Secretary of Defense Jonathan Hoffman.

It is known that the military will move to the Washington area, and these include the military police, infantry battalion, and engineering troops.

In turn, US President Donald Trump called for the introduction of troops in New York.

“New York got out of control. The mayor of the city Bill de Blasio and the state governor Andrew Cuomo must stop the protest immediately!” — Trump wrote on Twitter.

In another post, the president asks when the local government will decide to call for federal troops for help.

Recall that earlier against the protesters under the White House used rubber bullets. The police dispersed the protest so that Trump could make a speech. The President said he would use force to stop the wave of protests in the country.

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