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10 animals that people eat alive

In different countries, delicacies are sometimes considered dishes that are completely different from what we are used to seeing on our dining table.

1. Frogs

10 animals that people eat alive

In China, Japan, and Vietnam, a dish is quite popular, the main ingredient of which is a living frog. You can admire how the Japanese expertly deal with this delicious dish.

Most often, the “delicacy” is prepared from specially grown frogs, the process of its preparation is simple — they remove the skin from the frog, gut it, then cut it into pieces and put it on a plate with a side dish, the main decoration of the delicacy is the frog’s still-living head.

2. Tarantulas

Sophisticated gourmets can hardly be surprised with delicacies, but the gastronomic addictions of the Briton Louis Cole are plunged into the shock of even seasoned gluttonous.

Cole regularly records videos with him eating various “dishes”, among them live tarantulas and scorpions. The Briton has already shot 36 videos, one more disgusting than the other, you can see them on his official channel on YouTube.

3. Octopuses

In Korea, this delicacy is called “Sannakchi” The dish is a live octopus seasoned with sesame seeds and sesame oil. Immediately before serving, the animal is cut into small pieces, and then still wriggling tentacles are eaten.

The muscles of the cooked octopus for some time retain the ability to contract, so special attention should be paid when eating a meal so that the animal does not catch its tongue or oral cavity with its suction cups.

4. Larvae

Kasu Marzu is one of the most unusual delicacies that can be enjoyed in Italy, it is considered a specialty of the island of Sardinia and is popular among tourists and among locals. The dish is nothing more than cheese made from sheep’s milk, in which live insect larvae swarm.

The larvae contribute to the rapid decay of the fats contained in the cheese, so the product is characterized by amazing tenderness and softness.

5. Shrimp

What is in common between the Japanese food “Odori Ebi” (can be translated as “shrimp in dance”) and a Chinese delicacy called “drunk shrimp”? In either case, shrimp is served alive, only in Japan, children are used to making this variety of sashimi — the animals are fried over low heat so that they do not die, and they are eaten immediately, dipping in sake. In China, the dish is prepared from adult shrimp and served in a heated “soup” of baijiu — strong Chinese liquor.

To fully enjoy the Chinese or Japanese delicacy, you need a fair amount of skill — the animals are quick enough, actively move their paws, and even try to get out of the plate. It is also necessary to carefully chew each shrimp, otherwise, they will continue to move in the stomach.

6. Birds

Representatives of the winged family — one of the most popular delicacies of Asian cuisine. Krylon's, which are also called flying dogs and are eaten in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries of the Asia-Pacific region, and the cooking methods are very different — they are stewed, boiled soups, deep-fried, and grilled.

I must say that in almost all Asian countries, the winged animals are killed before cooking, but there is an exception: one of the dishes of the national cuisine of the island of Guam is live winged wings in coconut milk.

7. Snakes

Eating live snakes so far, even for India, remains exotic. The main specialist in “snake cuisine” is considered a farmer Scutari Nayak, a resident of the Indian state of Orissa. In 2007, a 46-year-old farmer became famous for absorbing live snakes — in his own words, “just for fun”.

Nayak eats a snake alive, without any temperature treatment.

8. Ants

If you are not too fastidious about food and you happen to travel around Denmark, be sure to check out the Noma restaurant in the capital — they serve a delicacy of lettuce leaves seasoned with chilled ants.

The delicacy is not cheap — about $300 per serving, the institution positions it as a gluten-free alternative to croutons. Judging by the reviews of visitors to the restaurant, the ants taste like ginger, cilantro, or lemon sorghum.

9. Cockroaches

As you know, in the United States, competitions are often held to eat at the speed of various dishes, and American eaters are ready to absorb in large quantities not only big maki and hot dogs, but also, say, insects.

Such competitions are not only disgusting but also life-threatening — so, 32-year-old Edward Archbold, a participant in one of these events, died after eating several dozen worms and a whole bucket of giant cockroaches.

10. Eels

Japanese national cuisine is famous for its originality — in addition to frogs and shrimp, the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun also eat eels alive.

According to Raymond Blanc, the famous chef, while traveling in Japan, he had to try this unusual delicacy — to tint the taste, the eels are seasoned with vinegar and sake, and then swallowed whole.

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