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Trump praised himself for suppressing protests

Trump praised himself for suppressing protests

He also expressed gratitude to law enforcement officers who quickly worked.

US President Donald Trump expressed gratitude to the security forces, who suppressed mass protests in a number of American cities and also praise himself. The American leader wrote about this in the social network.

The head of the White House tweeted that thanks to the coordinated and efficient work of law enforcement officers who showed strength and “dominance”, the situation in Washington and Minneapolis returned to normal.

“There were no problems in Washington last night.” A lot of arrests. A great job is done by everyone. Superior (protesting) power. Dominance. Minneapolis was also great (thanks, President Trump!), He wrote.

Recall that mass protests in the United States have been ongoing for the seventh day. Their cause was the brutal detention by police of African-American George Floyd, who later died in the hospital. Curfews were announced in 40 cities in different states; stocks grew into pogroms and robberies. Looters beat store windows and steal clothes, appliances, consumer electronics, and jewelry.

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