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The EU has opposed the return of Russia to the G7

The EU has opposed the return of Russia to the G7

The European Union does not support the initiative of US President Donald Trump to return Russia to the format of the “Big Seven” (G7). About this with reference to the head of diplomacy of the European Union, Josep Borrell, Anadolu agency reports.

According to the politician, the United States, despite its chairmanship of the group, has no prerogative to issue invitations. The EU believes that until the Moscow changes course, the G7 cannot return to the G8 format. At the same time, Borrell emphasized that international cooperation is more important today than ever.

In May, Donald Trump decided to postpone the G7 summit due to the coronavirus pandemic and invite several third-party states to the forum. In addition to Russia, it was about Australia, South Korea, and India. The American president explained that, in his opinion, the G7 is an “obsolete group” of countries and does not reflect the situation in the world.

Commenting on Trump’s words, the Federation Council of Russia noted that the issue of Russia’s returning to the G7 should be decided jointly by the member countries of the group. At the same time, the Federation Council expressed doubt about the unanimity of its members on this issue.

Until 2014, Russia was a member of the G8 but was excluded from it by the decision of other members of the group after the annexation of Crimea. The organization continued its existence in the G7 format.

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