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The Trump was compared to a fascist for threatening to deploy a heavily armed army...

The Trump was compared to a fascist for threatening to deploy a heavily armed army...

Statements by US President Donald Trump, who threatened to deploy a heavily armed army in rioting cities, look like fascists. Such a comparison was made by the Oregon Senator, member of the US Democratic Party, Ronald Lee Wyden, reports The Washington Post.

Kentucky Rep. John Yarmouth believes Trump has declared war on millions of Americans and the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution (it guarantees that Congress will not establish a state religion, prohibit free religion, restrict freedom of speech or the right of people to assemble peacefully and appeal to the government with petitions). “Trump is the biggest threat in our history,” added Yarmouth.

Democratic Congressman Joe Negus recalled that in 1957, the 34th President of the United States, Dwight Eisenhower, deployed troops to combat segregation and protect civil rights. According to him, Trump did the opposite — deployed troops against citizens who advocated for their civil rights.

In addition, Democrats condemned Trump's decision to take a picture next to the Episcopal Church in the United States, which caused police to disperse the protesters with flashlights and tear gas. At the same time, representatives of the Republican Party praised the American leader for a show of strength. According to politicians, peaceful protesters deserve to be seen and heard, and robbers and anarchists must be prepared for the consequences.

As previously reported, Trump threatened to deploy the US Armed Forces in rioting cities if the protests do not subside. He advised the governors of the states where the demonstrations were being held to deploy a heavily armed army to “dominate the streets.” According to the American leader, protesters need to confront until the situation stabilizes.

The protests, which began due to the death of black George Floyd after a rough arrest, swept dozens of US cities. Demonstrations are accompanied by vandalism, looting, and attacks on the police. The US authorities said that any skirmishes with the police or threats to law enforcement officials would be regarded as acts of internal terrorism.

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