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More than 20 people died in the United States as a result of riots

According to US media, more than 4,000 protesters have been detained — they are accused of looting, blocking roads, and assaulting police officers. Some of them set fire to the White House, and President Donald Trump had to hide in a bunker. However, the main consequences of the protests are still ahead — mass congestion on the streets of a country that has not yet survived a pandemic threatens a new wave of infection with COVID-19.

Protests take on a deadly character

More than 20 people died in the United States as a result of racial protests that began in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after the death of a black American, 46-year-old George Floyd. Only in Chicago, according to local police, 16 people became victims.

“16 people were killed and at least 30 people were injured this weekend,” NBC Chicago said.

Another man died in a shootout at the Dino Food Market in Louisville, where a large crowd gathered. “Officers and soldiers tried to disperse the Protestants, but at some point were fired upon. They had to return fire, as a result, one person died at the scene, ” said police chief Steve Conrad.

In Detroit last Friday, a 19-year-old young man was shot dead, who was in a crowd of protesters at the moment when an unknown opened fire from his car. Indianapolis police also reported on the three dead, Fox News reported. According to her, on the night of Saturday between 23.45 and 03.00 at least five people received gunshot wounds, three of them died.

There are victims of riots on the part of the police. In particular, one of the employees of the US Federal Security Service died of a gunshot wound received at night in Auckland, California. According to a city police spokesman, another policeman was injured. Acting US Under Secretary of Homeland Security Ken Cucinelli later noted that the authorities would regard the attacks on law enforcement officials during the protests as “acts of internal terrorism.”

Without casualties, the incident ended in Minneapolis, USA, where a truck drove through a crowd of protesters. The footage published by CNN shows how people first scatter to the side due to the fact that a truck is going to them. After he stopped, protesters surrounded him and tried to get inside.

The city’s public security department described the actions of a truck driver named Bogdan Vechirko as “provoking a crowd of peaceful demonstrators.” He was charged with assault. Now Vechirko is detained without the right to bail.

The White House is surrounded

For three days of unrest in 22 US cities, the police have already made more than 4.1 thousand detentions, according to AP. All those arrested were charged with looting, violation of curfew, blocking roads, and assaulting police officers. In total, several tens of thousands of people took part in the protests across the country.

However, many protesters are extremely aggressive. For example, several buildings in central Washington near the White House nearly burnt down due to the fault of the Protestants.

The fire was nearly caused by a large bonfire on the roadway in which protesters burned road signs, bushes, trees, bottles, and other objects. At some point, they even tore off the US flag from the roof of a neighboring office building, a 19th-century mansion, and threw it into the fire.

As it became known, after that a fire broke out in the building. At the same time, a small one-story outbuilding, located in Lafayette Square, caught fire. In order to drive back the demonstrators, the police used tear gas grenades, as well as light-noise grenades.

According to The New York Times, US President Donald Trump took refuge in an underground bunker in central Washington during the riots. The secret service of the USA insisted on this decision. According to CNN, Trump spent a little less than an hour in the shelter. Where at that moment were members of his family, is unknown.

The publication also notes that some employees were allowed not to come to work in the White House because of the threat of renewed unrest. Those who still decide to get to the office are advised not to get their passes right up to the checkpoint itself.

“If you must arrive at the complex, do not use company cars, and do not get your pass until you reach the entry point of the United States Secret Service,” an e-mail was sent to all White House employees.

However, President Donald Trump’s administration does not yet intend to engage the National Guard at the federal level, said National Security Advisor Robert O Brien. “We are not going to use the guards at the national level at present,” Reuters quoted him as saying.

However, according to political scientists, it will not be possible to do without more serious measures. “We are seeing a mixture of riots, protests, and a pandemic. There are people protesting over the murder, and there are those who simply take this opportunity and engage in robberies. Most likely, the police will fill the streets. She is already there, but I mean that it will come to more serious measures, ” said political analyst Daniel Warner“.

Now the protests have already spread to other countries. So, in London, crowds of people gathered on Trafalgar Square on Sunday morning despite the ban on mass gatherings because of the coronavirus. As a result, 23 people were detained.

In Berlin, protesters also gathered for two consecutive days in front of the US Embassy, holding posters with the slogans of the Black Lives Matter, “I Can't Breathe” and “No Justice, No Peace.” In many cities in Australia, people plan to hold protests this week: they will be held in Sydney on Tuesday, and in Brisbane and Melbourne on Saturday. Thousands of people have already announced that they will participate in these promotions on the vastness of Facebook.

Protests help spread coronavirus

Amid the mass protests that swept the United States, the number of people infected with coronavirus may increase. According to CNN, an increase of 20,000 new infections was reported last Sunday, Johns Hopkins University reported.

“I am concerned about what is happening, and from the perspective that this may be an easy way to spread the virus. In the near future, we will see a surge in the contamination of COVID-19, which is inevitable, ” said Minnesota Governor Tim Walz.

He was supported by the mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio. “I would like everyone to understand that crowds are especially dangerous during a pandemic. Protesters need to abandon this expression of discontent or at least adhere to the rules of social distance and wear masks, ” CNN quotes him.

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, also said that people have the right to protest even during a pandemic, but they should not forget about the health of others and their own.

“You have the right to demonstrate, you have the right to protest. However, you do not have the right to infect other people and act in a way that threatens public health, ” he stressed.

According to the governor, the African American community lost a lot of people during the pandemic — much more than representatives of other segments of the US population.

“The coronavirus crisis caused such deep pain that it is difficult to express in numbers. So many New Yorkers have lost someone. However, there are even more dead in the African-American community, ” Cuomo said.

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