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The USA is on fire. Protesters get to New York

On the fifth day of American Spring, the geography of protests is expanding. New York became the center of the pogroms that night. Just yesterday, rioters received the Brooklyn area to “plunder”. Today they moved to Manhattan, barricaded the bridge to the island, and began setting fire to police cars and smashing bank offices.

The rioters failed to occupy a single police station (although in Brooklyn they temporarily seized the 88th police station). But they managed to burn 37 police cars.

The police force is clearly not enough to suppress the protests — the New York City Department is already sending all free detectives to help them.

200 protesters were detained in New York, in Los Angeles — 500. A curfew was announced in the City of Angels. The rioters broke through police cordons to the Beverly Hills area and began to rob brand-name clothing stores.

It will be curious to observe the reaction of all kinds of liberal Hollywood stars, who helped the “Antifa” pay a deposit and go free even yesterday. Now they are already rebelling in their backyard with the slogans “Eat the rich!”

In Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, protesters seized and burned the city hall building. In Minneapolis, the National Guard failed to cope with the rioters, and she is preparing to surrender the entire city to them.

In Dallas, Texas, the police were unable to take control of the downtown area; he was completely occupied by rioters. “Militia” went about to restore order with weapons in their hands, of which there are a lot of in Texas.

Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, Miami, Philadelphia — a wave of unrest, but on a smaller scale, swept through these cities. In total, seven states (including California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania) have already used the National Guard to suppress riots.

In addition, the Pentagon sent the National Guard forces to assist the Secret Service to ensure order around the White House. During the night, rioters repeatedly tried to storm him.

In turn, Donald Trump, returning from Florida, where he watched the launch of the Crew Dragon ship with astronauts on Board, flew a helicopter several times around the clusters of protesters at the White House fence.

The United States is on fire — this is not only the end of quarantines but also their logical outcome. After three months of self-isolation, America found itself on the edge of a real revolution.

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