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During the protests near White House, Trump was hiding in a bunker

Some advisors noted that Trump and his family were “shocked” by this experience, according to the NYT article.

U.S. Secret Service officials took American President Donald Trump to an underground bunker on the evening of May 29 because of protests near the White House. This was reported by The New York Times with reference to sources.

“It's not clear what prompted the secret service to take Mr. Trump into an underground bunker, known as the presidential operational control center in emergency situations, but the service has protocols to protect the president,” noted the journalists.

It is reported that early Friday morning and late Saturday night a crowd of protesters was in the immediate vicinity of the White House. Later it turned out that more than 60 officers and special agents of the Secret Service were injured during the demonstrations near the presidential residence.

The media reports that Trump spent about an hour in a bunker.

The newspaper recalls that the underground bunker was used several times, in particular, on September 11, 2001, Dick Cheney, who held the post of vice president at that time, and the 43rd U.S. President George W. Bush went down into the bunker when the authorities feared that the terrorists were going to direct one of the hijacked planes to the White House.

Recall that the U.S. is hosting mass protests and riots over the death of African American George Floyd during his detention in Minneapolis.

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