Joe Biden reacted to pogroms in the USA ...

US presidential candidate for the Democratic Party Joe Biden criticized the excessive cruelty of protesters who staged pogroms in cities after the murder of a black man by police. This is stated in his statement.

He is not against protests but is outraged at what it all turned into.

“Protesting against such cruelty is just and necessary. This is a typically American response. But burning neighborhoods and senselessly destroying is not. Protests that overshadow their very reason should not be allowed. They should not lead people away from the true reasons for the protest,” Biden said.

Recall that in the US, mass protests began after the recent African American George Floyd in Minneapolis died due to police abuse when he was detained. The video of this incident caused a storm of indignation.

After this, mass protests and riots began in Minnesota and several other states this week. The shares, which covered more than 30 major cities, do not subside, but only flare up with renewed vigor. Hundreds of people were arrested, batons and rubber bullets were used. The National Guard was brought to the streets of settlements. To date, over 1300 people have been detained in 16 cities, at least 13 law enforcement officers have been injured.

In turn, US President Donald Trump threatened the protesters with arrests and the use of “unlimited power” of the military. The American leader is ready to throw an army into battle against his compatriots.

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