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America is a tinderbox

The wave of pogroms and robberies that have swept the United States in recent days, is mainly concentrated in the liberal states and megacities. Minneapolis (Minnesota), Portland (Oregon), New York, Washington — the Democratic Party has ruled here for decades alone.

Moreover, more recently, the Democrats did their best to indulge in street clashes and the actions of the “Antifa”: when it was beneficial to them. For example, in Portland, the authorities have long ceded to the “anti-fascists” the entire city center, where they constantly rally and robbery.

A year ago, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler ordered the police not to defend a rally of Donald Trump supporters. It ended with a massacre of protesters with the “Antifa” fighters.

Minneapolis hosted Trump rally at the stadium in the fall. Mayor Jacob Frey, who is now being demanded to resign, personally held anti-Trump rallies. Minnesota attorney general Kate Ellison posed with an Antifa instruction book. As a result, this Trump event ended in fights between his supporters and the “Antifa”.

Now the Republicans are watching with some pleasure how the Democrat-grown, began to smash them themselves. Ironically, the headquarters of the liberal CNN, which for years blocked off the actions of the “Antifa,” and the infrastructure of America’s most liberal metropolitan areas, have been handed down.

But do not wait for the democrats in power to somehow reflect on this moment and begin to fight against the “Antifa”. Quite the contrary, the Minnesota government resolved this cognitive dissonance simply: by accusing some mythical “white nationalists” of pogroms.

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