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Riots in the USA: more than 1300 people detained

At least 13 law enforcement officers were injured during a protest in Philadelphia.

In the United States, law enforcement officers detained over 1300 people in 16 cities during the riots caused by the death of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis after being detained by police. It is reported by the Associated Press on Sunday, May 31.

It is noted that at least 13 law enforcement officers were injured during a protest rally in the city of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania). In Seattle, Washington, law enforcement officers used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse protesters.

It was previously reported that curfews were imposed in dozens of US cities. Among them are Los Angeles, Denver, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago.

Recall, black George Floyd died in Minneapolis after being detained by the police in intensive care. The video recorded by eyewitnesses of the situation shows how the police threw the man down and handcuffed him, and one of them pressed his neck with his knee. The detainee said several times that he could not breathe and then lost consciousness.

Following wide publicity, the Minneapolis police leadership announced the dismissal of four officers who took part in the incident. One of them has already been arrested.

Protest actions began in the city, accompanied by vandalism and fires, which later spread throughout the country. The FBI has joined in the investigation of the death of Floyd.

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