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Minnesota Governor intimidated rioters by coronavirus and prison

Minnesota Governor intimidated rioters by coronavirus and prison

Minnesota Governor Tim Wals spoke about the consequences for Americans protesting after the death of an African American while being detained by a police officer. It is reported by CNN.

He stated an increased risk of coronavirus spread. “I am deeply concerned that the situation is spreading at a very high speed. A sharp jump in COVID-19 awaits us, ” Wals warned.

The Governor of Minnesota also intimidated the rioters with prison. According to him, the state prisons have enough space to accommodate all those detained during the protests.

Earlier it was reported that U.S. police used tear gas and rubber bullets after rioters began throwing water bottles at law enforcement officers and then approached the cordon.

Dozens of U.S. cities are rallied by riots that began after the death of blackguard George Floyd in Minneapolis, who died after a gross arrest. US authorities have stated that any clashes with the police or threats to law enforcement agencies are regarded as acts of internal terrorism. During such clashes, two policemen received gunshot wounds, one of whom died.

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