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The US on the verge of armed rebellion and global restructuring

The US on the verge of armed rebellion and global restructuring

In the United States, people are increasingly taking to the streets to express their displeasure. Americans have more and more reasons to scold power. People are unhappy with the government, unable to defeat the coronavirus and restore order in the country.

All this can end with an armed uprising in the United States, and after it with global restructuring. Many Americans agree with the Democrats that Trump is a latent racist who is unable to withstand difficulties, and therefore they are increasingly negative about the current president of the country.

Recall that recently in Minnesota there was a real riot due to the fact that during the detention by the police a black-skinned citizen of the country George Floyd was killed. The outraged crowd in Minneapolis smashed and set fire to several stores.

In addition, Trump recently accused the Twitter administration of meddling in the U.S. election and issued a decree banning political censorship on social media. He suspected that Twitter was at the same time as the Democrats, so he decided to take measures to ensure that his messages were no longer marked with a badge saying that the information does not inspire confidence. Obviously, the innovation did not like the Democrats. They won’t leave it like that.

In the United States, 1.7 million people infected with coronavirus, more than 100 thousand who died of the infection, are terrible unemployment. This is not in any country in the world!

Naturally, people who are tired and angry can take up arms at any time and organize an uprising. All this can end with the overthrow of the president and the choice of the people's government, which will carry out a massive restructuring in the country. US policy is not focused on the good of people and many want to fix it.

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