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North Korea accuses the USA of damaging its image

North Korea accuses the USA of damaging its image

North Korean authorities have accused the United States of damaging its image: Pyongyang believes that the allegations of cyber-attacks are nothing more than an attempt to denigrate the North Korean state. This was reported with reference to the DPRK Foreign Ministry.

“We want to emphasize again that our country has nothing to do with the so-called“ cyber threat ” that the US is talking about,” diplomats said.

The ministry’s statement emphasizes that the US’s goal is to “tarnish North Korea’s reputation”. She is accused of financing terrorism and money laundering.

It is reported that the FBI and a number of US federal agencies earlier in May issued a warning about the threat of North Korean hackers. They allegedly steal personal data, digital currencies, and rob large Western banks. The Department of Justice accused the North Korean state bank of circumventing US sanctions and opened criminal cases against 28 DPRK citizens.

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