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The first “racial pogroms” in the US during the presidency of Trump

Minneapolis is undergoing major unrest. The reason for them was the death of an African American George Floyd, who was strangled by a policeman during his arrest.

These are the first “racial pogroms” in the United States during the presidency of Donald Trump. Toward the close of Obama’s second term, they passed quite often. However, with Trump coming to power, the economy began to grow rapidly, and growth in wealth temporarily smoothed out ethnic divisions in America.

Now the whole city has rebelled — indignation by police arbitrariness is understandable and understandable. But the causes of the social explosion lie deeper, they have accumulated over the past few months. Fear, despair, anger — these feelings began to overwhelm many Americans during the epidemic and the largest economic crisis in 80 years.

Peaceful protest against the actions of the police quickly grew into arson, robbery, and pogroms. In response, the Governor of Minnesota introduces the National Guard in Minneapolis to “pacify” the city. The actions of the authorities of the states cause a rare in their unanimity negative reaction from both the Democrats and the Republicans.

Hurriedly self-organizing “militias” appear on the streets of Minneapolis to protect small business owners from rioters. And even they support the goals of the protest against the police — but only peaceful and lawful protest.

Democrats are likely to use the situation in Minnesota as an argument in favor of the fact that during the years of Trump's presidency, racial relations have only worsened. Although in the city itself, and in the state, politicians from the Democratic Party alone have been ruling for many decades.

They, as always, are trapped in their own rhetoric. Indeed, it is the Democrats who are sharply opposed to the right to bear arms, claiming that the police, they say, will always protect. But now it turns out that this very police can calmly kill during detention, and for the time of the pogroms simply disappear from the city.

However, it is unlikely that any of the Democrats will try to reflect on this obvious contradiction of their liberal ideology.

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