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In the US, a reporter CNN Omar Jimenez was arrested live

Law enforcement authorities did not allow the journalist to finish the plot and handcuffed him in front of millions of viewers.

Minneapolis U.S. police arrested live CNN reporter Omar Jimenez. The journalist talked about civil unrest in the region. To his question, why he was being detained, law enforcement officers did not answer, writes CNN.

Omar Jimenez went on the air on the New Day program and began a story about what was happening, but he was not allowed to finish his work but was arrested live in front of the leading in the studio and millions of viewers.

He was handcuffed and taken away. All this was filmed by the cameraman of the CNN crew.

During the arrest, the reporter asks what he is being arrested for, but the police do not answer him.

Later on Twitter, CNN's press service wrote that other members of the crew were also arrested.

Recall that in the state of Minnesota, riots broke out due to the murder by a policeman of a black man George Floyd in the city of Minneapolis.

We also reported that the mayor of Minneapolis requested the introduction of a national guard in the city.

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