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New video: three police officers sitting on an African American who is lying on the ground

The video captures the moment of gross detention in Minneapolis Darnella Frazier from another angle. One can see several police officers sitting on an African American who is lying on the ground. Footage showed the NBC News channel.

Presumably, the footage demonstrates what was happening until the moment when one of the officers Derek Chauvin pressed his knee to the detainee's neck.

On May 27, it was reported that four Minneapolis police officers were fired after an incident with the detention of a black man who pleaded for help and who later died. Initially, the city police department said that the detainee provided “physical resistance” to the police. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey later said that as additional information was disclosed, “it became clear that the original information was inaccurate.”

On May 26, the first video with the arrest of a black man by the police hit the network. In the footage, the police officer pressed his knee to the neck of the detainee, who was moaning and asking for help. “I can not breathe! I can not breathe! Do not kill me!” Shouted Floyd. The man also said that his stomach and neck hurt, and asked for water. Shortly after the incident, the detainee died. This episode sparked massive protests in Minneapolis, which continue...

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