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Facebook and Google criticized Trump's decree on social networks

Facebook and Google criticized Trump's decree on social networks

Internet companies have criticized the presidential decree, which, in their opinion, threatens Internet freedom.

Facebook and Google said U.S. President Donald Trump’s decree on social media could harm the Internet and the digital economy.

It is noted that social networks for a long time called for censorship of anything that could offend.

“By exposing companies to potential responsibility for everything that billions of people around the world say, they punish companies that prefer to resolve contentious speeches and encourage platforms to censor anything that could offend anyone,” Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said in a statement.

Google believes that Trump’s decree could harm the US economy.

“Undermining section 230 in this way will harm the US economy and its global leadership in the area of Internet freedom,” said Google spokeswoman Riva Shuto.

Before that, the leadership of Twitter called Trump's decree on the regulation of the activities of social networks reactionary and politicized. The company said that it poses a danger to the future of online speech and freedom on the Internet, the company said.

Earlier, President Trump signed a decree that, according to the White House, will give the authorities more opportunities to regulate social networks.

According to the decree, it targets section 230 of the 1996 Telecommunications Decency Act. Section 230 provides broad immunity for websites that oversee and moderate their own platforms. It notes that the provider of an interactive computer service cannot be considered as a publisher or an independent source of information provided by a third party.

Recall, Trump threatened to move to tougher regulation of social networks in the country after his Twitter message was marked with a special sign warning readers about inaccurate information.

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