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Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Fry: “He Would Be Alive Today If He Was White”

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Fry: “He Would Be Alive Today If He Was White”

Mayor of Minneapolis American Jacob Fry commented on the death of a black local resident George Floyd, after the death of which riots and riots broke out in the city. He stated this on the air of the morning program CBS This Morning.

“He would have been alive today if he had been white,” the mayor said. According to him, the facts about the incident, with which he became acquainted, compel him to share the position of the protesters.

On his Twitter account, Fry also previously wrote several phrases mentioning skin color, writes the Daily Mail. “If most people, in particular people of color, would have done what the police officer did on Monday, then they would have been behind bars,” he said, referring to the actions of the policeman who brutally detained Floyd. The mayor explained that it was for this reason that he asked the district attorney to arrest the officer. According to Fry, the deceased, his family members, friends and the entire community of black people deserve justice.

In connection with the death of Floyd in Minneapolis and several other cities in the United States, in particular Los Angeles, riots began against police brutality. Protesters demand the arrest of four police officers involved in the detention of a 46-year-old blackguard. On May 25, police detained Floyd on suspicion of calculating a fake check in a store, while one of them rudely held the man for several minutes on the pavement, crushing him with his knee. The detainee complained of pain and shortness of breath, he felt sick, a few hours later he died in the hospital; it later turned out that the man had health problems. The police fired from the service, the case of a possible violation of civil rights is being investigated by the FBI.

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