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The Mayor of Minneapolis has asked for the National Guard to be introduced into the city

Minnesota State Police units have already arrived in the city on the governor's orders to strengthen law enforcement.

The mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey has addressed to the governor of the State of Minnesota Timothy Waltz with the request to enter into the city units of the National Guard of the USA. The request was made on Thursday, May 28, Fox News reported.

State police officers have already arrived in the city to strengthen security amidst protests over the death of African-American police detainee George Floyd.

Earlier, the media reported, citing police officials, that at least one person died in the shooting during the protest.

The pawnshop owner opened fire as protesters began robbing local supermarkets. The protesters also set fire to an auto parts store.

Protests over the death of police detainee Floyd began in other cities in the United States. In Los Angeles, several hundred people took to the streets on May 27. There were clashes with police during the action and a patrol car was damaged.

Demonstrations also took place in Memphis, where at least two people were detained. In Minneapolis itself, riots have been going on for two days.

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