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What is happening between China, USA, and Hong Kong

Speaking briefly about the conflict between Beijing and Hong Kong, communist Beijing is afraid of losing the territory (separation of Hong Kong) amid the growing democratic demands of the Hong Kongers.

Do not forget that China has total control over this territory since Hong Kong is one of the leading financial centers in Asia and the world. Accordingly, Hong Kong is able to influence the position of the United States. And just this influence, but under the direction of Beijing, Washington does not want.

Well, now in more detail.

So. The NPC (All-China Assembly of People's Representatives) approved a resolution to draft a bill on national security in Hong Kong.

This resolution provides that the bill will be developed by the parliamentary committee of the NPC and without the participation of the Hong Kong Legislative Council and is included in Appendix 3 of the Basic Law of the city — an analog of the constitution.

The United States has dubbed this initiative as an attempt to “capture” Hong Kong by the Chinese Communist regime and threatened with sanctions.

Beijing, in turn, argued its initiative with the fact that last year Hong Kong experienced a wave of violent protests and public discontent. Based on this, according to Beijing, the law “On improving the legal system and law enforcement mechanism of Hong Kong” is necessary to prevent the recurrence of such protests.

At the same time, the PRC emphasized that this is a matter of domestic policy and that no one has the right to intervene.

From my point of view, there is some truth in the positions of both sides (the USA and Beijing). Only one and the other side distort the goals that they pursue.

So. Beijing is right about the policy of non-intervention since Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China and not a separate state. The difference is that according to the joint Sino-British declaration and the Hong Kong Basic Law, Hong Kong is granted wide autonomy until 2047. Those. Hong Kong is ruled by the Hong Kong people themselves in a high degree of autonomy.

As for the functionality, the Central People's Government of the PRC takes care of the defense and foreign policy of the territory, while Hong Kong reserves control over the legislation, the police, the monetary system, duties, and immigration policies, and also retains representation in international organizations and events.

Based on the foregoing, it becomes obvious that Beijing is speculating on the issue of national security intentionally since only this direction gives dominant rights to Beijing in matters of legislative changes.

As for the goals, the first is that communist Beijing is concerned about the democratization of Hong Kong, because, as the world trend shows, this could lead to the loss of territory through. Through an unauthorized referendum or coup. Therefore, it is in Beijing’s interests to communize this region. But this is too difficult an ambition because it requires not only total control but also a lot of time. In this regard, Beijing, as a minimum program, intends to simply apply enhanced deterrence measures.

The second — against the backdrop of a growing conflict between the PRC and the United States and ongoing trade disputes and US sanctions, Beijing needs an effective tool for economic and financial influence on the states. Therefore, Hong Kong should be managed as much as possible.

This is also understood in the USA. That is why the White House is demonstrating external political and economic interference in the conflict between Beijing and Hong Kong. So the statements about the manipulative nature and “capture” to some extent correspond to reality.

In addition, the United States only benefits domestic destabilization in China. And after the pandemic, this is just like a balm for the soul, since it will also lead to a weakening of the economic positions of all of China.

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