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Trump against social networks...

US President Donald Trump after the conflict with Twitter, which designated his message as unreliable, said that he could regulate the activities of social networks or even shut them down.

Donald Trump became famous for using social networks more actively than any other politician. He was even called Twitter — the president. But after the social network designated the message of the head of the White House as false information, mercy gave way to anger. Trump even threatened to close Twitter and other social networks.

From love to hate

On May 26, the social network Twitter added tags about the unreliability of two Trump posts regarding postal voting organized by Democratic governors in their states. According to the president, his political opponents use the situation with coronavirus infection as an excuse for fraud, which will be possible with absentee voting. “The mailboxes will be robbed, the ballots will be falsified and even illegally printed and fraudulently signed,” Trump wrote May 24.

However, according to experts, there is no evidence that voting by mail will lead to an increase in violations, emphasizes the American publication The Hill. Therefore, the social network marked these messages with a special sign notifying the reader of their possible inaccuracy and the need for additional verification. According to company representatives, “these tweets contain potentially misleading information about the voting process and have been tagged to provide additional context around the mailing lists.”

In response, the president said that he trusts Twitter, but “they say that my statement regarding the voting by mail, which could lead to massive corruption and falsification, is incorrect, based on verification of information conducted by fake news services CNN and The Washington Post”.

In addition, the president’s entourage accused Twitter of interfering in the election campaign. “We have always known that Silicon Valley companies are doing everything possible to prevent President Trump from getting his agenda across to voters,” said Trump Brad Parskale, campaign manager.

From words to actions

Trump threatens to introduce more stringent regulation or even shut down social networks.

“Republicans feel that social media platforms completely suppress conservative voices. We will strictly regulate their activities or close them to prevent this from happening. We saw what they tried to do and could not, in 2016. We cannot allow that a more complicated version of this happened again, “Trump wrote on Twitter.

“Correct your action, IMMEDIATELY !!!” he adds in the next tweet.

Moreover, after the conflict with Twitter, Trump decided to issue a special decree on social networks, the document is expected on May 28.

Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg called Trump's disproportionate reaction to the conflict with Twitter. He added that he did not yet understand what the Trump administration was up to. However, in general, according to Zuckerberg, it would be wrong if the government “censors any platform because it is concerned about censorship.”

Twitter declined to comment on Trump's intentions. But Google has not yet responded to what is happening.

Last week, The Wall Street Journal wrote that Trump’s team is considering setting up a special commission to investigate the social media bias against Republicans. “The predisposition of technology companies to the left must be overcome, or at least shown so that Americans understand what they are dealing with,” an official from the presidential administration told the publication.

All criticize

At the same time, Trump's opponents are also unhappy with social networks. They have repeatedly blamed Twitter for the fact that the social network does not limit the president’s ability to publish inaccurate and dangerous information, as well as threats and incitement to violence, writes Vox. This contradicts the rules of Twitter users, supplemented in May due to the increase in the number of posts containing inaccurate information, for example, conspiracy theories about the connection of the spread of coronavirus infection with 5G mobile towers.

According to Twitter critics, Trump also violated these rules — in particular, when he called it possible to treat coronavirus with hydroxychloroquine, a drug against malaria. Twitter has already deleted posts of similar content published by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, recalls The Verge.

Aggravation of the election race?

Trump has in the past created threats of censorship in the media, writes The Guardian. However, any attempt by the White House to close the media campaign in the courts will encounter serious problems with the first amendment. In 2018, a federal judge ruled that the president cannot block people on Twitter, as this violates their right to participate in a public discussion.

However, as his rating worsened in the year of the presidential election, Trump is more and more aggressive and threatens the media.

In the past, however, Trump praised Twitter for allowing him to send his message directly to subscribers, and despite his claims to be “silenced”, Trump needs social media. His team remodeled a targeted advertising campaign on Facebook, which supposedly helped Trump win the 2016 presidential election.

The US presidential election will be held on November 3. It is expected that the rival of the current Republican President will be Joe Biden.

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