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Minneapolis police killing: 4 officers fired after death of black man

Minneapolis police killing: 4 officers fired after death of black man

The black man begged for help and asked the police not to kill him. He later died.

In American Minneapolis, a black man died after being detained by police. This was announced on May 26 by CBS News.

In a video posted on Facebook by one of the witnesses to the incident, Darnella Fraser, a black man lying on the ground near a police car begged for help, while one of the policemen pressed his neck with his knee.

The man shouted that his stomach and neck hurt, and also asked not to kill him. Fraser noted that the detainee was bleeding from the nose.

Witnesses of the incident turned to the officer with a request to remove the knee from the man’s neck. At some point, the detainee stopped responding.

As Fraser emphasized, the police killed the man in front of everyone without any sympathy.

The Minneapolis police department said officers received information about a suspect in a blue car, which appears to be under the influence of substances.

According to a statement by law enforcement officers, the officers asked the man to leave the car, after which he resisted.

“On his way out, he put up physical resistance to the police. The officers were able to handcuff the suspect and noted that he seemed to have health problems. They called an ambulance,” the police said.

The statement said that shortly after the incident, the man died. It is alleged that during the detention no weapons were used, and the cameras on the policemen’s bodies were activated and recorded everything that was happening.

Minneapolis police chief Medaria Arradondo said at a May 26 press conference that the FBI would lead an investigation into the incident because of a possible violation of civil rights.

City Mayor Jacob Frey tweeted that the men involved in the death were fired.

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