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Biden left the basement, paused and resumed the presidency

On Monday, May 25, for the first time in two and a half months, a likely Democratic candidate in the US presidential election, former vice president Joe Biden, took part in a public event, visiting with his wife Jill a memorial to fallen soldiers in a park near his home in Delaware. It is reported by the Associated Press.

Biden and his masked wife laid a wreath at the memorial and stood silently.

This event is an important milestone in the presidential campaign of 77-year-old Biden since it suggests that he will not spend the time remaining before the election due to the threat of becoming infected with the coronavirus, but will really resume the political struggle, AP said. Because of the pandemic, the former vice president was forced to not leave the mansion from the beginning of March and conduct his activities from there, in particular, recording appeals to supporters from the basement. For conducting the presidential campaign from the basement, Biden was criticized by his main opponent, the current president, Republican Donald Trump, who, on the contrary, was actively involved in public events during the pandemic, without using personal protective equipment.

According to one of Biden’s campaign managers, the headquarters of the politician will never make decisions that threatened to harm his employees or voters. A representative of the headquarters assured that the events traditional for the presidential race will be resumed when it is safe, and “not a day earlier.”

Official candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties of the United States should be nominated at national congresses, which will be held from August 17 to 20 and from August 24 to 27, respectively. Biden is leading the Democrats, his last real rival in the party, Senator Bernie Sanders, back in April, abandoned the further struggle. Trump is the undisputed leader among Republicans. Presidential elections are scheduled for November 3 this year.

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