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The US threatens China with sanctions for “capture” of Hong Kong

The US threatens China with sanctions for “capture” of Hong Kong

China may impose a law on its region, which Hong Kong considers to be the leveling of freedoms. In the US, they predict that in this case the city will cease to be an Asian financial center.

The White House may impose sanctions on both Beijing and the Hong Kong administration if the government of the People's Republic of China (PRC) approves the Hong Kong National Security Bill. This was stated by Advisor to the President of the United States on national security Robert O’Brien, reports on Sunday, May 24, CNBC.

“It seems that with this national security law, China will essentially capture Hong Kong, and if they do, then sanctions will be imposed on Hong Kong and China,” said O’Brien.

It is noted that such steps by the communist elite may jeopardize Hong Kong's special autonomous status, which helped to develop the status of a global financial center.

“It's hard to imagine how Hong Kong can remain an Asian financial center if this happens and if China takes control. In this case, global corporations will leave the city,” O’Brien said.

Earlier, the annual National People’s Congress of China included in its agenda a draft law on improving the Hong Kong legal system and law enforcement mechanism, which provides for responsibility for “rebellion, separatism, and treason”.

The situation could escalate, as Beijing could theoretically simply go around Hong Kong’s elected legislators and impose its changes.

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. Since Britain regained sovereignty to Hong Kong in 1997, the region has maintained a one-country, two-system policy, which allowed it to gain certain freedoms that the rest of China does not have.

Proponents of democracy in Hong Kong consider this step another attempt by the Chinese Communist leadership to level out local freedoms.

Last year, Hong Kong experienced a wave of violent protests and public discontent, as well as demands for democratic reforms. The Chinese leadership believes that the Hong Kong Law and Enforcement Mechanism Law is necessary to prevent the recurrence of such protests.

Earlier in China, the United States stated that the Hong Kong issue is a matter of China’s domestic policy, which no country has the right to intervene.

Recall that in May in Hong Kong, protests began again. Activists demanded complete democracy and an investigation into police actions in previous demonstrations.

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