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The U.S. may impose tough sanctions on Turkey — Trump

“The last thing I would like is to send thousands and thousands of soldiers again and defeat everyone again,” — Trump

Photo: REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst

The US may impose very stringent sanctions against Turkey. This was stated by US President Donald Trump.

“I hope that the last option of the three (meaning mediation in the dialogue between Turkey and the Kurds). We do not have soldiers in Syria, we defeated the IS,” Trump said. “The last thing I would like to do is spend thousands again and thousands of soldiers and defeat everyone again. We really have two choices: military and defeating everyone again or doing very tough things with Turkey financially. “

“It will be easier. We have good relations with the Kurds, and I hope we can mediate,” he stressed.

“I don’t think that the American people want us to go along the military path. We won and left the area,” said the head of the White House. “We’ll see what happens. We can take something very tough — sanctions or other financial measures.”.

On October 9, Ankara announced the start of a new military operation, Source of Peace, in northern Syria. The Syrian state agency SANA called the operation aggression, the international community condemned the actions of Ankara.

Ankara was called to stop the bombing of the border areas of the neighboring state.

In addition, Iran’s closest ally to the Syrian regime, Bashar Assad, also called on the Turkish leadership to reconsider its position on Syria and began unscheduled military maneuvers near the Turkish border.

In turn, US President Donald Trump called the start of Turkey’s offensive in Syria a bad idea.

Note that the Pentagon previously informed President Donald Trump that the territory of Syria has been completely freed from the militants of the Islamic State terrorist group.

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