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Shooting at a military base in the USA: details became known

Shooting at a military base in the USA: details became known

The 20-year-old Adam Salim Alsahli, killed during the shooting, supported the unnamed al-Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula.

The man who opened fire near the US Navy base in Corpus Christi, Texas, allegedly spoke out in support of radical Islamist movements. On Friday, May 22, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported, citing data from the SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks the activities of extremists on the Internet.

According to her information, 20-year-old Adam Salim Alsahli, who was killed in a shootout, spoke out with the support of an unnamed al-Qaeda member on the Arabian Peninsula. In addition, he spoke out in favor of “numerous radical preachers” from Saudi Arabia. According to the head of SITE Intelligence Group Rita Katz, this is evidenced by publications on pages on social networks that allegedly belonged to the shooter.

Prior to this, FBI spokeswoman Leah Greaves said that shooting near the base of the US Navy at Corpus Christi is related to terrorism. However, she did not explain how the investigators came to this conclusion. As she added, the authorities are looking for a certain person who may be associated with the person who opened the fire.

Recall that the shooting at the checkpoint of the US Navy base took place on Thursday, a US Navy soldier was wounded. She was initially hospitalized but was later discharged. The man who opened fire was killed in a shootout. The pilots of the US Navy are trained at this base.

And in December last year, as a result of firing at the Pensacola air base, three people were killed and eight were injured. An unknown who opened fire was killed by police officers who arrived at the scene. It was later reported that the attack was carried out by a Saudi military.

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