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What does Allah Akbar mean?

Most people are already accustomed to the phrase “Allahu Akbar”, as an integral part of the news related to the next terrorist attack. The flickering of these words against the backdrop of brutal shots from the scene of the tragedy in the media has led to the fact that the expression is deeply rooted in the heads and is associated with danger.

But what does one of the most famous phrases of the world really mean?

The New York Times and CNN have published articles exploring the phrase. Contrary to the widespread notion that the words “Allahu Akbar” simply mean the phrase “God is the greatest,” this is actually a powerful declaration used by Muslims in many cases and prayers. These are the first words of the fathers that they whisper to their newborns. And with it, Muslims express their gratitude to God.

As Senator John McCain said, the fact that these words are pronounced by marginals does not make them a “tool of hatred.” The Republicans compared the phrase with the Christian saying, “Glory to God,” putting them on one level.

The only difference between these phrases is that “Glory to God” does not inspire fear in anyone. Why is the phrase “Allahu Akbar” sometimes used as a war cry? It is worth noting that the use of the phrase “Allahu Akbar” is a concern even for Islamists.

A professor at the University of Southern California, Richard Hreir Dekmejyan, who specializes in Islam, explained the meaning of the phrase Allah Akbar: “She means God is the greatest. Jihad terrorists use this saying because they believe that God is on their side. But Muslims who do not wish harm to anyone use the phrase in the same way, but only during prayers to Allah, and they have no intention of killing anyone. ”

Hassan Shibli, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Florida (CAIR), the largest Muslim civil liberties organization in the United States, commented on a terrorist attack in New York: “This is the biggest act of heresy: shouting the glorious name of God when he committed the worst crime against him”.

Dr. Zainab Chaudhry, a CAIR spokeswoman, told NY Daily News that for Muslims, “Allah Akbar” is a powerful expression that can give strength and resilience in difficult times.

“For me personally, this saying helps me find a sense of balance in an imperfect, increasingly chaotic world,” Chaudhry admits. “It serves as an important reminder that no matter how difficult, destructive, or dangerous times, Allah or God controls the situation.”

Professor Hatem Bazyan, the founder of Zaitun College, believes that the use of the phrase Allah Akbar by terrorists is a real insult to God.

“This action illustrates the loss of human hope and faith in the real power of God over everything and everyone,” Bazyan is convinced.

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