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Virginia Family found a bag with a million dollars on the road

Virginia Family found a bag with a million dollars on the road

Emily Shants, a resident of Caroline County, Virginia, was driving with her family when she saw a large, unusual bag on the side of the road outside the city. The woman thought it was a garbage bag and offered to stop and throw it away in the right place. And that was the right decision.

Inside, the family found plastic bags with the words “cash vault” and the logo of the postal service. Moreover, a few steps from the bag, they found another one — exactly the same, with plastic bags.

Without thinking twice, Shants called the district police and spoke about a mysterious find. Arriving at the scene, law enforcement officers found that the bags were full of money — only about one million dollars. Apparently, they were lost by mail employees who transported cash. However, what really happened — the police have yet to find out, according to WTVR.

In an interview with reporters, the woman said:

This was the only right decision: we could not take for ourselves that which did not belong to us.

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