The little girl with the face of Donald Trump went on the air of the evening show: video

The little girl with the face of Donald Trump went on the air of the evening show: video

On the air of the evening show, American TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel showed a little girl with the face of US President Donald Trump in a comic video. The journalist thus once again mocked the politician because of his reaction to the threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

On a short record, a girl named Lily touched her dog’s food, although she was strictly forbidden to do so. In the conversation with her mother, she insistently denies everything, despite the fact that she was caught in the hot.

This fun video reminded Kimmel of the US leader, who claimed that COVID-19 poses no particular threat to the Americans and now claims to have said nothing of the kind before. The TV presenter decided to beat this situation and asked the specialists with the help of a drip fake to “put” on Lily the face of Donald Trump. It turned out very funny!


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