In Britain, lost Boris Johnson

In Britain, lost Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stopped appearing in public. According to The Independent, he has not held any press conferences since May 12 and was last seen six days ago.

Twitter users have started to publish joking messages about the lost and outgoing Prime Minister. “Have you seen this man? He was last seen a week ago in the Westminster district. Police are calling on those who have information about his whereabouts to keep it to themselves,” says the Have I Got News For You post.

Some have turned Johnson into the hero of the “Where's Wally?” children's book series. — they need to find a certain person in a picture that depicts a lot of people. “While you're preparing for another work week, ask yourself, 'Where's Boris Skiver (a man who stubbornly avoids work)? — written by a Could be Yue user.

The disappearance of Johnson was also brought to the attention of the famous British journalist Pierce Morgan. He called on the Prime Minister to “stop hiding”.

The publication also suggested that Johnson can spend time with his newborn son — Prime Minister on April 29 became a father for the fifth time.

Johnson officially took office as Prime Minister on 24 July 2019.

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