Venezuela demanded that England return its gold on the $1 billion

Venezuela demanded that England return its gold on the $1 billion

The Central Bank of Venezuela sued the Bank of England and demanded the return of bullion from the Venezuelan gold reserve stored there. Its cost is estimated at about a billion dollars, Reuters points out. They want to spend these funds on the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

The United Kingdom along with other countries does not recognize the legitimacy of the current head of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, since 2018, the Bank of England has kept 31 tons of Venezuelan gold.

Caracas relies on UN assistance and asks the organization to become an intermediary and accept gold so that the proceeds can be used to buy medicines, food, and medical equipment. The Bank of England has not yet commented on the claims of the Venezuelan Central Bank.

Western countries, including Britain and the United States, support the leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan Guaido. Russia supported the incumbent President Maduro.

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