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The minks have become carriers of coronavirus

The minks have become carriers of coronavirus

The first case of human coronavirus infection from a mink was recorded in the Netherlands. This is reported by Reuters with reference to a letter from the Minister of Agriculture Karola Scouten to Parliament.

The minister writes that previously issued recommendations on the impossibility of transferring the coronavirus from mink to man were wrong. The minimum risk of infection is still present.

In April, there was an outbreak of coronavirus among minks on two animal farms in the Netherlands. The authorities have restricted access to animals, but have stated that the virus cannot be transmitted to humans. The condition of the animal farmworkers was not specified.

Earlier in the American city of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in a domestic dog named Winston found out the disease COVID-19, caused by a new type of coronavirus.

In late February, it was reported that a Hong Kong resident had been hospitalized and had allegedly contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus from his dog. This was confirmed by preliminary tests. Traces of the virus were found in the animal's blood, but there were no symptoms.

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