Violators of the mask regime in Egypt face a fine of up to 255 dollars

Violators of the mask regime in Egypt face a fine of up to 255 dollars

Egyptian authorities have set a monetary fine of up to four thousand pounds (about $255) for masked regime violators, which is scheduled to be introduced in the country from May 30, reported the press service of Prime Minister Mustafa Madbuli.

Madbouli said on Sunday that a mask regime will be introduced in Egypt from May 30.

“The wearing of protective masks is a duty for employees and visitors of all markets, shops, government institutions, private facilities, banks, as well as during trips on all types of public transport,” the text of the decree of the Prime Minister, published on Facebook on Tuesday, reads.

For violation of this measure, a monetary fine of up to four thousand Egyptian pounds is imposed. The decree also informs about the continued suspension of international and domestic air traffic in Egypt.

According to the Ministry of the health of Egypt, the total number of detected cases of coronavirus in the country — 12,764 people, 3,440 people recovered, 645 people died.

On Sunday, the Prime Minister of Egypt Mustafa Madbouli announced the tightening of measures to combat the coronavirus during the Eid al-Fitr thanksgiving holiday: the curfew has been extended, from May 24 to 29, it will start from 17.00 instead of 21.00. During the holiday, public transport will be suspended, all shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, all beaches, and parks will be closed. Also, from May 30, a mask regime will be introduced with fines for violators.

From may 30, the Prime Minister said, the shopping center and institutions that provide various services to citizens will resume their work. While the curfew may 30 for two weeks will last from 20.00 to 06.00.

According to the Prime Minister, from mid-June to be announced the gradual resumption of those objects which were closed in connection with the coronavirus, including sports, with all the precautions.

Now the curfew in Egypt is valid from 21.00 to 06.00.

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