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The US embarked on self-destruction: five evidence

The current owner of the White House is already frightening his own compatriots by the fact that if they decide not to re-elect him next year, then they will have a “collapse of markets that no one has ever seen.”

He calls on fellow citizens to “keep America great” by voting for Trump and only for him, and in the meantime, the fluffy polar fox is already approaching the United States. And from the side where it least expected. Most likely, there will be no “great America” — since the Americans themselves might not become in a fairly short time. Do not believe it? We will present the evidence to you now, and how much weight they are, decide for yourself.

The largest military budget in the world, the launch of new aircraft carriers and the production of fifth-generation fighters, record-breaking oil and gas production, the dominance of the US national unit in the global financial system and global markets are, of course, solid and impressive. However, all these attributes of “greatness”, which, according to Washington, give all the reasons for claims for world domination, are unlikely to save the United States from terrible “ailments” devouring them from the inside. What do Fort Knox’s nuclear arsenals and gold placers mean if the main wealth, strength and support of any state — its people embarked on the path of self-destruction and seem to be not going to turn off it? Donald Trump dreams of a “great America”, but looking more closely, we see a completely different thing.

1. Endangered America

The United States is showing not just poor rates of natural population growth, but disastrous. According to a published government report on the situation in the field of demography, the birth rate in the country in 2018 fell to its lowest level in 32 years. Compared to the previous year, it decreased by 2%. Her indicator averaged 59 children per 1,000 women — mothers aged 15 to 44 years were taken into account. Generally speaking, since 1980, an increasing number of women in childbirth in the United States are just women over 40. This trend is relevant not only for white women but also for women from all other races and peoples living in the United States. Moreover, demographers are deeply perplexed by the fact that the decline in fertility is observed against the background of economic growth, although usually, it gives exactly the opposite results.

Obviously, the issue is not only in the economy. In the 50-60s of the last century, the United States experienced a “baby boom” And the number of newborns per woman was first 3.3 babies, and then increased to 3.6. However, since 2016, this indicator is no more than 1.7 children per potential mother. Moreover, according to the canons of demography, it is believed that a constant population of the state’s population persists if for every woman in it there are at least 2.1 children. Since 2014, the birth rate in the United States has been falling and has not grown into a process of real depopulation just because of the constant influx of immigrants. According to all forecasts, if this trend continues, the representatives of the white race will turn into an American national minority by 2045. Now such a result is evident in at least four states and, in fact, in all major cities. Since 2010, white non-Hispanic citizens have been a minority in 372 US counties.

2. America killing itself

No less shocking is the report of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, dedicated to the increase in mortality of citizens of the country from alcohol, drugs, and suicides. Since 1999, the number of Americans traveling to a world different from these causes has been steadily growing at 4% annually. Moreover, this indicator has a tendency to increase — in 2017 (46.6 deaths per 100 thousand people), for example, it amounted to all 6%, and in previous years it was even higher. Speaking specifically about suicides, the rate of increase in the number of suicides in the US over the past decade has doubled compared to the previous one. In 2017, the United States set another sad “record” — there was a peak in cases of deaths from firearms.

In absolute terms, it looks like this: about 40 thousand people died from gunshot wounds in the country, and about 24 thousand of them committed suicide. The level of suicides has become the highest in 18 years. If we talk about the number of those among young people under the age of 34 years, then since the beginning of the 21st century it has increased by 28%. Speaking on this occasion, American psychologist Benjamin Miller, who is the director of the strategy for the Well-being Fund organization, said: “Our attempts to solve this problem are like a joke. Things are getting worse ... “

3. Sick America

The United States, which has long been considered the country with the highest level of medical care (which, incidentally, was a rather controversial statement from the very beginning), is at risk of becoming a state of totally sick people. In 2018, more than 65 million Americans could not go to the doctors, because they simply did not have money for it. Those who decided to improve their health literally at all costs were forced to go deep in debt — in the same year, according to a study conducted by West Health-Gallup, US residents received loans worth $88 billion for their own treatment! Almost every eighth American was forced to resort to such a method. At the same time, 45% of state citizens who have a fairly stable and considerable income are convinced that the need to contact doctors for a serious reason will bankrupt them and turn them into beggars. Generally speaking, according to official federal data, people in the United States spend $3.5 trillion on healthcare every year.

However, this is only one side of the issue. In just six years, the United States is facing a shortage of almost 2 and a half million medical workers! The process is visible to the naked eye and now — doctors, nurses, laboratory assistants are lacking everywhere, especially in the American “outback”. If in cities for every 100 thousand of the population there are more than 200 doctors, then in rural areas the ratio is already 82 Aesculapius per 100 thousand inhabitants. Not only that — 15% of nurses and about a quarter of the main health workers available are migrants (there’s no getting away from them!), Because the youth in the United States themselves, the further, the less they seek to get a medical profession. Long (on average, 10 years), expensive (training will cost from 150 to 400 thousand dollars) and too much responsibility. The problem is compounded by the fact that medical degrees issued in other countries are categorically not recognized in the United States. You need to relearn, get a certificate. The problems are the same — long, expensive and no guarantee what happens at all. With such tendencies, Americans will soon have to remember healers and midwives.

4. Poor America

However paradoxical this may sound to someone (especially witnesses to the sect of the “American Promised Land” still encountered in our latitudes), the bulk of the US population is by no means richer. Living in eternal debt is deeply wrong, and more and more Americans are forced to exist that way. According to the US Federal Reserve, the amount of debt of citizens there on just one credit card, which the country has in circulation about 480 million, in 2018 amounted to $870 billion and became the largest in the history of the United States. The total amount of American debt — along with mortgages, student loans, and the medical care mentioned above — reached an astronomical sum of $13.5 trillion, which again is an extremely sad record. Moreover, a third of debtors are people over 60 years old. To the question of the “wealthy and well-fed old age of the Americans” ...

All “OK” only in one and a half to two hundred thousand families, which (according to the University of California) own about a quarter of the national wealth of the United States. They certainly do not have credit card debts ... Most of all ordinary Americans are worried by the fact that, most likely, their children never get into this “club of the chosen ones”. The “social elevators” that really worked perfectly in the country at one time have long been covered with rust and are desperately slipping. This is illustrated by the following figures: in 1985, more than half of the students in the most elite educational institutions in the United States were, as they say, from the very “bottom”. Since 2010, this figure has dropped to one third and is steadily falling. Moreover, some American economists are sure that the system of an ever-increasing increase in the cost of higher education in the country and the outrageous “student debts” caused by it in the not-so-distant future promise the US a cleaner crisis than a mortgage.

5. America lost value

“True American values,” which Washington loves to rant about from high stands, are not the same, to put it mildly ... A country that has played in “tolerance” and “tolerance” is reaping quite natural fruits. What kind? This is evidenced, for example, by the fact that the dirtiest and vile scandals that are currently playing out in the USA are connected with institutions that would seem to be the pillars of statehood, its unshakable pillars. Thus, according to a report published by the Pentagon, the amount of sexual harassment in the US Army in 2018 was almost 40% higher than in 2016. Only official statements in this regard, the military filed 20 and a half thousand. And how much is left “under the drain”? Acting head of the department Patrick Shanahan called the situation “unacceptable” and promised shame and debauchery to “decisively eradicate”. Here are just a little hard to believe ...

This spring, for Americans, the press conferences held in New York and New Jersey were a real shock. At them, representatives of a law firm specializing in cases of violence against children unveiled lists of hundreds of pedophiles from the organization ... Boy Scouts of America! Moreover, according to lawyers, the names announced by them are just a tiny part of the list, in which there are more than 7800 names of the leaders of this organization, for which there is evidence of violence against children. The worst thing is that the first such cases, it turns out, were recorded back in the 40s of the last century. However, not a single pedophile has appeared before the court in the entire history of the scout movement in the United States. The fact that the disclosed data is not slander or an attempt of public relations on a cheap sensation proves the official statement by the Boy Scouts of America made after press conferences. In it, the organization’s representatives “sincerely apologize to all the victims” and confirm their willingness to “pay significant compensation. But scouts are one of the main symbols of the “American way of life” and the “values” there ...

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