Hackers blackmail Trump with “tons of compromising material”

Hackers blackmail Trump with “tons of compromising material”

The hacker group REvil (second name — Sodinokibi) has published the first part of incriminating evidence on US President Donald Trump, for which they demand a ransom, Forbes magazine reported.

Last week, hackers attacked a law firm in New York, whose clients are many celebrities, including Lady Gaga and Madonna.

Attackers demanded $21 million for 756 gigabytes of dirt on the singers. Not having received the money, they published the data on the darknet.

“The next person we will publish is Donald Trump. There is an election race, and we found a bunch of” dirty linen “in time,” the hacker quoted the magazine as saying.

They gave a week to meet their demands.

Later it became known that the FBI was engaged in the investigation of the incident and qualified it as terrorism. In response, hackers published the first part of emails mentioning Trump in one way or another.

The magazine’s publication clarifies that the published letters did not contain anything that could compromise the US president.

The day before, we reported that Trump would demand the persecution of opponents from the Democratic Party for their suspicions of ties between the head of the White House and Russia.

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