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Chinese doctor accuses Wuhan authorities of concealing information on COVID-19

Chinese doctor accuses Wuhan authorities of concealing information on COVID-19

Zhong Nanshan, China's leading advisor to the Chinese government on the fight against the coronavirus, blamed the late response to the spread of the infection on Wuhan authorities, who, he said, were trying to hide from central authorities information about the nature of the virus.

“The local authorities did not want to tell the truth,” said Zhong Nanshan in an interview with CNN. He added that until recently, local officials were reluctant to report that the virus is transmitted from person to person.

“It is imperative that all local authorities are open,” added a senior government adviser on the fight against coronavirus, answering the question of how to prevent the rapid spread of infection.

He emphasized that the central government of the country did not make any sense to hide this information from the world.

The doctor also recalled that as soon as Beijing had objective information about the disease, a strict quarantine was introduced in Wuhan.

When asked about where the virus came from, Zhong Nanshan replied that “it is difficult to draw final conclusions now, but, in my opinion, from the animal world.”

Earlier, US President Donald Trump has repeatedly said that in Washington they do not exclude the version that the coronavirus originated in the Wuhan laboratory. He also threatened Beijing with consequences if it turns out that there was a deliberate outbreak. The Chinese Foreign Ministry rejected such assumptions. Trump said in an interview with Fox News on Thursday that the United States could completely break off relations with China in response to the situation with coronavirus. So the head of state commented on the possible steps of the United States in response to the wrong, according to Washington, China's actions in the situation with the outbreak of coronavirus. In particular, the presenter asked Trump about the proposal of one of the American senators, who admitted that the United States could stop issuing visas to Chinese students.

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