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Obama accused US leadership of recklessness

Obama accused US leadership of recklessness

Former U.S. President Barack Obama has accused the U.S. leadership of recklessness in a speech to school graduates, which was broadcast on the Yahoo Finance YouTube channel.

According to Obama, the pandemic has refuted the notion that many leaders are aware of what they are doing. вАЬMany of them do not even pretend that they are responsible for what is happening,вАЭ he added.

In particular, the former president condemned such principles of American politicians as momentary benefits and indifference to those who do not share this. вАЬIf the world gets better, it will be up to you,вАЭ Obama concluded.

Earlier, Barack Obama called the reaction of the current US President Donald Trump to coronavirus a disaster. He criticized the decisions of the presidential administration, adding that the response to the outbreak of COVID-19 served as a critical reminder of the need for strong government leadership during the global crisis.

Prior to this, it was also reported that Obama will publicly support the election campaign of his former vice president Joe Biden, who is considered Trump's main rival in the upcoming presidential election.

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