President Joe Biden will be immediately impeached for four major scandals...

President Joe Biden will be immediately impeached for four major scandals...

If Joe Biden is elected president this year, he will take office, more involved in major scandals than any other president in American history, and there is no doubt that his administration will be immediately paralyzed by impeachment procedures.

I may be missing something, but I cannot think of any other major presidential candidate, and of course, no other president (if he wins, of course) who, at the time of his oath, was immediately involved in four, not one! — of a major scandal.

There is no doubt that if Biden wins, then as soon as he takes office, his administration will be swamped with legitimate investigations into his actual and likely suspicions of crimes, corruption, self-deception, and sexual misconduct.

As President Biden intends to govern when these four fires rage around him...

1. The credible accusation of sexual assault and continuing cover-up of it

A former employee of Senator Biden's office, Tara Reid, with evidence, accused a former Delaware state senator of sexual assault on her in 1993. She has statements from seven people that support her accusations. To date, Biden has been ostentatiously involved in the process of concealing his Senate documents, which are held by the University of Delaware.

Reid claims that she filed a formal complaint against Biden and was subsequently dismissed. Investigative journalists believe Reid's complaint — if it exists — will be found in Senator Biden's office documents. But while Biden claims he is innocent, he also refuses to allow anyone — including persons like a trusted judge — to look through those documents.

Worse yet, by participating in this cover-up and blocking the investigation into Tara's suit, Reid, Biden, is actively reciting everywhere that Reid deserves a full investigation.

Tara Reid is the eighth person to accuse Biden of such acts.

2. Illegal internal espionage against an opponent's campaign

Not only is Biden lying about what he knows about the Obama administration's role in illegally accusing then Trump's national security advisor Mike Flynn of lying to the FBI (this is not a criminal act, but even Flynn is not guilty of it). Now we know that Biden was directly involved in the spy campaign, he was one of the White House people involved in “exposing”, which is nothing more than internal espionage.

There is no doubt that his administration will be immediately paralyzed by impeachment procedures on this matter.

Using US aid to protect his son from the Ukrainian prosecutor's office.

Joe Biden did exactly what Democrats falsely accused Trump: he threatened to stop American aid to Ukraine, motivating it with a personal matter: in this case, to protect his son Hunter Biden.

You see, although he knows nothing about energy, knows nothing about Ukraine, and does not speak the language of that country, Hunter Biden received millions for being a board member of Burisma Holdings, a shadow Ukrainian oil and gas giant.

When Viktor Shokin, Ukraine's chief prosecutor, began investigating Burisma in 2016, then Vice-President Joe Biden threatened to stop supplying U.S. aid to Ukraine unless the prosecutor was dismissed from his position.

The prosecutor was fired, and Joe Biden boasted of his actions with pleasure.

4. Hunter Biden and China

Then-President Barack Obama appointed Joe Biden in charge of two countries: Ukraine and China. And in both cases, it was Hunter Biden who was sent to these countries. Ukraine has explained above.

Peter Schweizer, the author of “Profiles of Corruption: Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite,” the president of the Government Accountability Institute and an employee of Breitbart News, wrote the following about what Joe and Hunter did in China:

“In December 2013, Vice President Joe Biden will be flying to Asia, and the centerpiece of that trip is a visit to Beijing, China. To put this in context, we need to add: in 2013, the Chinese declared their air rights over the South Pacific and the South China Sea. Then they said: “If you want to fly in this area, you must get permission from China. We claim our sovereignty over this territory”. This has been negatively treated in Japan, the Philippines, and elsewhere. Joe Biden had to fly there to oppose China. And he was criticized a lot for being soft on China during his visit to Beijing, for not doing anything. Japan and other countries were very upset about that.

Well, I think that the reason he treats China so softly is that his son Hunter Biden also flew with him on this journey. And ten days after their return from China, Hunter Biden, who had one small company that has no experience in direct investment, has no experience with Chinese finance, receives a huge deal of $1.5 billion from the Chinese government. Thus, the Chinese government gave Joe Biden and John Kerry the right to manage this money, and they received huge fees from this. And this is an example of this kind of corruption. This is the first of three big deals the Chinese government is making with people who are either children or close assistants to Vice President Biden or Secretary of State John Kerry.

As of a few weeks ago, Biden’s son still owned ten percent of the Chinese company Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), an investment firm he founded with funding from the Bank of China, and the Bank of China is the government of China. The very government of China that is behind the death of approximately 85,000 Americans from the coronavirus. The very Chinese government that Joe Biden continues to protect and preserve. “

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