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Europe is humiliated before China ...

Europe is humiliated before China ...

The EU is constantly capitulating to the demands of China and is completely unable to protect the interests of its members.

“Chinese ambassadors in Western capitals resort to trivial blackmail: they threaten to hold medical supplies for a pandemic if they disobey Beijing.

All these countries have good reasons to oppose Beijing. Italy became the target of a cunning fake news campaign with skillfully edited videos in which Italians express gratitude to China.

The French government was furious after the Chinese embassy in Paris accused the French staff of leaving their posts and letting the elderly die. Germany complained that Chinese diplomats had influenced officials to make positive statements about how China is dealing with the pandemic.

Europeans are beginning to realize that to defend themselves against Chinese attacks, they will have to rely only on themselves.

In particular, this is an article written by EU Ambassador to China Nicholas Chapui, which celebrated the 45th anniversary of relations between China and the EU and was signed by all 27 European ambassadors in Beijing.

Problems came when the Chinese Foreign Ministry objected to the phrase “the explosion of a coronavirus in China and its subsequent spread to the whole world.” The phrase was removed.

And what will happen now when Trump is going to declare a cold war on China on all fronts, including allowing citizens and companies to sue China, sharply reduce imports, etc.? Europe has already prepared a knife in the back, as it did with Russia, Iran, etc.? It seems that in addition to Australia and (maybe) England, there is no one to count on, but in trade wars, a united front is needed, otherwise, it is useless.

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