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The incidence of Kawasaki syndrome in children in Italy has increased thirty times

The incidence of Kawasaki syndrome in children in Italy has increased thirty times

A study was published in the scientific publication Lancet, the authors of which note that the number of patients with Kawasaki syndrome in Italy has increased significantly. The increase in monthly incidence, according to experts, was 30-fold compared with this indicator for the previous 5 years. This is thought to be due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

According to experts, in the province of Bergamo, the incidence of Kawasaki syndrome began to increase at the same time as the first case of COVID-19 was recorded in the province. It is also noted that so far the syndrome in children occurs in no more than one out of a thousand cases, but it is possible that when quarantine measures are lifted, this percentage will increase.

Kawasaki syndrome is manifested by fever, changes in the mucous membranes, skin, lesions of the coronary, and other visceral arteries.

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