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The US may return Cuba to list of countries sponsoring terrorism

The US may return Cuba to list of countries sponsoring terrorism

The United States is considering the possibility of returning Cuba, where, due to financial tensions, has introduced regulations on the sale of food and hygiene products to its list of countries sponsoring terrorism. It is reported by Reuters with reference to a senior representative of the presidential administration Donald trump, who wished to remain anonymous.

Like, the White House has “convincing arguments” in favor of such a move, namely Cuba’s support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, whom the United States considers illegitimate.

The interlocutor did not rule out that such a decision could be made before the end of this year.

Earlier, the United States of America included Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and Syria in the list of countries that do not cooperate sufficiently with Washington in the fight against terrorism.

In 2015, the United States excluded Cuba from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, which first appeared in it in 1982. This list now includes Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Sudan.

Recall that earlier in Cuba, the official results of the referendum on the new constitution of the state were announced.

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