Joe Biden fell asleep during Clinton's conversion. Video

U.S. presidential candidate from the Democratic Party Joe Biden was close to falling asleep in a live broadcast. This happened when former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton addressed the politician.

While she was talking about what kind of leader America needs, Biden was still trying to keep his eyes open, and when Clinton moved on to the memories of the past merits of the politician, he began to fall asleep. Now the Republican voters are spreading this video with comments that Joe Biden is too old to be elected president.

“Sleeping Joe” named Biden and his rival in the upcoming election — 73-year-old Donald Trump, who is three years younger than a democratic candidate. However, Americans are not so much concerned about Biden's ability to sleep in public as about his age. According to a survey by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal, 62% of voters do not want to vote for a candidate over 75 years of age.

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