Trump said he was disappointed in China

Trump said he was disappointed in China

US President Donald Trump said he was very disappointed in China, and the topic of coronavirus was not discussed during the visit of the Chinese delegation to America in January.

“I'm very disappointed in China,” Trump said in an interview with Fox Business. Commenting on the presenter’s words that the Chinese delegation didn’t say anything about the virus during the Chinese delegation’s visit to the US in January, Trump noted that COVID-19 “was not even a topic of discussion.”

The US authorities, including the president, regularly accuse China of the inability to restrain the spread of coronavirus, concealment of facts, and untimely reaction. Chinese authorities have repeatedly stated that from the very beginning they have maintained an open and responsible position regarding the publication of data on the epidemic of coronavirus infection.

The coronavirus pandemic began in China, but the United States remains the most affected country with the highest number of cases and deaths. Earlier, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo suggested that the virus could “escape” from a laboratory in Wuhan, where they study coronaviruses. China denies the allegations.

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