In WHO has compared coronavirus with HIV infection

In WHO has compared coronavirus with HIV infection

World Health Organization (WHO) emergency program manager Mike Ryan compared coronavirus to HIV. He suggests that COVID-19 can exist permanently, like the human immunodeficiency virus.

“This is a new virus. It is very difficult to predict when we will be able to defeat him, ” the expert emphasized.

Ryan noted that the main step in the fight against the spread of the virus will be the creation of a vaccine. And the prerequisites for it should be efficiency and accessibility for all.

A Who is a member cited the fight against HIV as an example. Stating that the world managed to take control of this virus, therapeutic agents were found, and people are not so much afraid of this infection.

The total number of coronavirus infected in the world by the morning of May 14 exceeded 4.34 million people. The pandemic spanned 187 countries. The increase in infected during the day amounted to 85 thousand people. Over the entire period of the pandemic, more than 297 thousand patients died, more than 1.54 million people recovered.

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