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The US does not rule out currency agreement with China

The terms of the contract were agreed earlier this year, but then the negotiations were interrupted

Photo: REUTERS / Thomas White

The administration of US President Donald Trump is considering the possibility of concluding a currency agreement with China as part of a partial trade transaction. This was reported by Bloomberg, citing sources.

It is noted that the terms of the agreement were agreed earlier this year, but then the negotiations were interrupted. The White House expects that after the conclusion of such an agreement, the United States and China will be able to continue negotiations on such key issues as intellectual property and forced technology transfer.

The 13th round of trade negotiations between the US and China will begin in Washington on October 10. According to the White House, the parties will discuss the issues of “forced transfer of technology, intellectual property rights, services, non-tariff restrictions, and agriculture.”

For several months, China and the United States have been conducting tense negotiations with the aim of eliminating trade contradictions, the last, 12th round of which was held in Shanghai on July 30–31.

Recall that, despite negotiations, the trade war between the United States and China continues. On September 1, the States and China introduced additional customs tariffs on each other's goods.

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