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It became known about the plans of China to avenge the U. S. for sanctions

It became known about the plans of China to avenge the U. S. for sanctions

China plans to take revenge on the United States in the event of the imposition of sanctions against it because of its involvement in the spread of coronavirus. This became known from the publication of the Chinese newspaper Global Times.

It is noted that Beijing is very dissatisfied with Washington’s intentions to introduce restrictive measures. According to anonymous analysts, China, in this case, will not respond symbolically, but will take “painful countermeasures.” In particular, at least four members of the US Congress and two organizations will be sanctioned. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, who was the first to file a lawsuit against China, will also be on the list.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump considered it possible to impose sanctions against China for refusing to investigate the causes of the spread of coronavirus. Speaking about the bill, prepared by Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, Trump told reporters that he would no doubt consider the draft law. In order for the document to be signed by the president, approval is required in both houses of the US Congress.

Prior to this, Graham introduced a draft law to introduce sanctions against China. The document provides for a ban on entering the United States for Chinese citizens, the freezing of their American assets, as well as a ban on issuing loans to Chinese businesses.

In March, Trump accused Beijing of not informing the world community about the outbreak of coronavirus. According to him, it would be better if the authorities of other countries knew about this a few months earlier.

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