US and China on the verge of serious conflict

US and China on the verge of serious conflict

The world is actively fighting the coronavirus. The first shock from social and economic stagnation passes, countries calculate losses and talk about how life will look in the new world.

The fog of war with the pandemic is gradually dissipating, the contours of new problems are emerging more and more clearly. Along with this, there is also the realization that the virus can occasion in a serious conflict between China and the United States.

Difficult dialogue

Despite the overwhelming tension between the countries, in January-February 2020, states tried to maintain a polite and neutral tone of the interaction. Yet the common problem was not for long but helped put the ax of war aside.

Trump allowed himself a number of curtsies in the direction of China, and Xi Jinping, in turn, approved the possibility of humanitarian assistance and the resumption of full-fledged trade.

But China has managed to overcome the virus. At least, the dynamics of the incidence rate has subsided; curfews have been canceled in cities. At the same time, Europe and the United States are only looking for possible ways to resolve the crisis. Chinese tough measures were able to stop the spread of the disease in the country.

According to various estimates, the consequences of a pandemic can be frightening. The US Presidential Administration predicts that by June, 3,000 people will die every day in the United States. Few people are ready to provide an accurate forecast regarding the economic consequences. But it is unlikely to be positive.

The pendulum swung towards the East. China is in a better position. This cannot be ignored by Western states.

Presidential elections are approaching in the United States. On how the current leadership will cope with the “Chinese threat”, it depends on whether Trump will remain in the oval office or will be replaced by an almost official opponent in future elections, Democrat Joe Biden.

Something similar was observed in the elections 4 years ago. Then Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump argued about the actions of Russia, and after the election about its possible impact on the voting results.

This time, China will be the leitmotif of the presidential race. American voters are hoping for reassurance of the crown crisis and are waiting for the new or old leader of the country to resolve the issue with a large Asian neighbor.

The Five Eyes report is definitely just the beginning. In the coming months, we will see many new “facts” confirming the “rightness” of the report. For China, this will be a real test of strength; the country has not experienced such pressure on its political image.

The current situation in the world is remarkably characterized by the theory of one American political scientist, Jan Bremmer. In his idea, today we are witnessing the so-called world of G-zero (world of large zero).

There is no real and unquestioned leader in this world, fragile balance is hardly able to keep the world from a new large-scale geopolitical conflict for a long time. The West objectively lost its authority, and China, on the contrary, demonstrates Buddhist calm even in the midst of the crisis. Coronavirus pushed the world to a new round of instability and how it all ends is a very big question.

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